Discipleship_HeaderGood Sam has traditional small groups but we also have some unique opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship as well as a variety of interest-based group such as:

  • Forums: Good Samaritan hosts forums on topics of the day such as racial ten-sions and social injustice. Forums are an exercise in Christian Thought. Each forum is unique. We may view a documentary, read a book, consider an essay, view a performance, or even visit an art-show. At a designated time and location (on the day of, or another appointed time) we will gather to discuss the work(s) in light of Holy Scripture by applying our Reason, Experience, and Tradition.
  • Yoga Chapel: Exercise body and mind through the meditative conditioning of Yoga and contemplative prayer.
  • Online Small Groups: If getting out of the house is a challenge, join us virtually for stimulating discussion and study.
  • Multiple weekday prayer and communion opportunities.

View a complete listing of groups by clicking HERE.

Questions? Email Discipleship@goodsamaritantallahassee.org to sign-up for any groups that seem interesting.

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Why Small Groups?

Vital small groups fueled a movement.

This movement began with a few young college men who started the first small group in Methodism. Commonly known as the Holy Club, the concept of personal holiness and social holiness caught fire. The holiness of life was attained through these small groups that were called class meetings. Class meetings were small groups of people gathering in homes for prayer, study and accountability for the Christian life. Later, after Methodism spread from England to the United States, the movement of small groups and spreading scriptural holiness would emerge into congregations and eventually a denomination. Prior to that, the movement was a renewal community made up of small groups. As the movement started congregations and a denomination, it continued its same mission, help people live the Christian life through the means of grace and spread scriptural holiness. It employed the same core ministries of training laity to lead small groups, engaging in ministries with the poor (social holiness), and sending out exhorters (personal holiness through sending teachers and preachers to share the Gospel.)

[from UMC.org]


Justin Barfield, Minister of Discipleship

After 15 plus years of vocational ministry, Justin has found a niche in helping traditional and non-traditional ministries launch and re-launch. It is his passion in helping people find Freedom that continues to draw him into the work of The Church.

Justin is a creative collaborator who enjoys creative expression through the arts. He is a musician, home-brewer, and lover of coffee, conversation, and contemplation. He currently serves as Minister of Discipleship, overseeing all discipleship making ministries, and helps direct Sunday bands.

Justin is husband to Stephanie Barfield and Father to Winnie. His family is expecting a second human in 2017. Contact him at Justin or 850-893-4919.