We want to bring joy, light, and service to the world. Whether it is across the globe, in our community, or right here at our church – we want to make a difference. Listed below are the various areas we are able to serve globally with the help of your donations and financial support. If you would like to be more involved in serving globally, please contact MELISSA.


Our Global Mission Partner is Zoe Empowers. Good Samaritan has committed to invest in Zoe Empowers “Half Group Partnership”, a commitment of donating $4,250 each year, for three years to the program. With this commitment we will be empowering 30 to 50 orphaned and vulnerable children to become entrepreneurs who are socially, economically, and spiritually strong. Donations can be made with check or cash or through our online giving HERE.


Porch de Salomon is a unique and progressive non-profit which, since 2005, has loved, served, and encouraged “the lost, the least and the last” of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan basin, by:

  • Hosting short-term service teams: indigenous home construction (136 quality family houses built!), community building construction, medical/dental/hearing aid/eyeglass clinics (over 28,000 patients seen), and relationship building.
  • Providing high-impact, year-round, humanitarian relief to indigenous people: food, clean water systems, environmentally-friendly woodstoves, malnourished infant relief, medicine, school scholarships, substance abuse recovery, counseling, sustainable micro-businesses, and more.
  • Operating Café Hotel California and the Hotel California.
  • Live music outreach and creative partnering in Panajachel’s hippie and expatriate communities.
  • Encouraging high-impact growth in individuals and groups through their involvement in Porch’s work in Guatemala.